Harresed with in Laws, Threatened by NGO

I found a girl on shaadi.com and have been married to her since Jul 2014. All the issues started in Aug 2014 when I found out the following 1. From her chats I found that she had 7 boyfriends at once. 2. She had hidden the fact that she was engaged twice (she told me about 1 engagement) 3. She also introduced me to one Guy as her Best Friend which was also wrong as she had 6 years of affair with this guy and guys family has rejected her. 4. Later one fine day I also find from her chats that her Jiju is too much "caring" for her (Sending Kisses on her bud day). I asked her to stop chatting with him but she continued saying she is only chatting as he is her jiju nothing more, this same guy recently also asked my wife to chat on hangouts and line instead of whatsapp for no rhyme and reasons when she was at here place on maternity leave (I know my wife is also one big culprit here), So while confrontation I hit the phone and phone broke after which I asked her to quit whatsapp, facebook, line etc which she did for 1 week or so than again started using cell phone that she brought from her and used it before marriage. 5. She also lied about her ill health (Liver Cirrhosis and Splenomegaly) which I came to know when we did her USG for Pregnancy confirmation. Now in last week due some issue with regards to she keeping phone on silent in our other room I confronted her and told not to keep on silent as she might miss some calls and to keep the cell in out primary room. But she created a big issue out of it and called her parents and her mom, dad, brother, Mausa, Mausi physically abused me, my dad and mom (got bruised) near eye, They took my 3 months old son with them along with my wife, her clothes and her streedhan all this when I was saying that I m not ready to send her at her home. But she went along with her parents. I also lodged a NC with local police station as her father and brother has physically abused my mother, at the same day after the police called her MOM on her cell she went to NGO and lodged a complaint against me.. NGO lady informed us that they want to do "SAMADHAN" i.e compromise and wants to meet us to which I agreed to a date that was 1 week later.. Prior to meeting date I called NGO lady for confirmation about No. Of Ppl and Time when they will come at my place to meet... During the meeting day they did not turn up and when after waiting for 1.5 hrs along with my elderly family who came at my place for "SAMADHAN" , I called NGO Lady and she informed that she had tried calling me but I was not contactable ( I don't have any miscall nor do I get any voice mail) to inform that my FIL had come to inform NGO day prior to the meeting that her daughter ( my wife) is not keeping well and will not be able to attend the meeting. Instead I asked her that my relatives are waiting for another 30 min and check if they can arrange the meet to which there was not positive reply. On the same day I again get a call from NGO lady saying meeting cannot be at my place, I have to come to NGO office for meeting (which I am afraid looking at the violent nature of my in laws). I said I cannot come due to my fathers ill health. Upon saying this she told if NGO comes at my home they will bring advocate and social worker at my place. In this conversation I had asked NGO lady to ask my in laws to update me once my wife is medically fit and we have medically fit certificate. So will decide the next course of action. She was working and she was on ML when she left my home. So does that make me liable to pay any maintenance? Now my question are: 1. Considering the violent nature of my in laws, should I risk going at NGO office with my parents ONLY for "SAMADHAN" meet? 2. Considering that I have asked NGO Lady to ask my in-laws to update me once my wife is physically fit for next meet, should I call NGO or my wife for follow-up or should I wait. 3. Incase she is ready to come back what are the condition that I should keep to take her back? 4. what are the possible "WHAT-IFs" i can use to dealy her return?? e.g What if she still threatens me to do suicide, Who can that guarantee?? 5. Also considering that she had hidden her second engagement and her illness does that count for cheating?