Need help on issue with Wife

Dear all, I Rakesh Kumar i am suffering from a Big problem in life thats personal issues with my wife. In the initial months of marriage everything was good but later on the things became bitter. The was a big involvement of my Father in law in each and everything. When i tried to object anything they tried to complain my parents about me that i am not taking care of my wife properly i am not giving time to her. Later on my wife got pregnant she went to he native with her parents for delivery i was not properly told about the doctor's name also till she delivered baby girl. After delivery of three months they were not ready to send her back when asked my wife that i am coming to take you back she refused that she want to take rest for 1 more month. When approached my father in law he started arguing with me and there was fight between us he was not ready to send her before 1 month. Angrily i replied to keep her as long as they want. There were no communication between us for 2 months then they approached some relative and came to my house there was a big debate on the old things. Later on it was decided that they will send the girl if any of the family member comes to take her back. She came back for 10-15 days she was ok but after that she started showing her colors. Her she used to do whatever she want. She said i will do as per my wish. One day she made a big drama at home at night started screaming and shouting saying they will kill me. I convinced here politely but after that day she is creating daily new problems. I do not want to leave her just because of the future of my baby. Please help me what to do i am worried that as her father is a goon. Still he is not letting us live happily he involved everywhere. I do not want my family to be in trouble.