420 case

Hi Sudershani, My Mother is given imprisonment for 3 years in a 420 case from a Sessions Court, which is rough about 12-13 years old. Brief about the Case. She was Principal and Properties of a School and and one fine year the forms of the students got delayed due to which they wasted one year of their lives. However she was ill during that time and the other people who were accused have been given bail. Off late on 29th of July court sentenced her for 3 years. However, she is not in a medical condition to go to jail. She has multiple problems. Like 1. Hepatitis C ( Which Doctors Doubt has turned into Hepatitis B ) 2. Arthiritis 3. Haemoglobin issues 4. Liver discorders due to Hepatitcis 5. We got her latest MRi done which shows a lot of issues with her neurogical system as well. On a normal day also she cannot be left alone and needs assistance to even walk. Right now her age is 59. She has been admitted to the city hospital under police custody. We have filed a bail petition in High court which was first heard on 5th august, 2015 and a date has been given to lawyer of 10th august to arrange the medical documents and submit. I want to know are we doing enough to save her or you can please guide us. Even the police officials who are attending her and the doctors attending her are of the same opinion.