I got married in Nov 2012 , after one year their is a lot of disturbances between us . My wife was behave properly and try to pressurize me by doing abnormal activities like trying to suicide , fighting between us ( no physical assault) , unexpected behavior , leave home at night . I was trying to restore all the things . In July 14, I found some messages on her mobile from some boys and language was very cheap , after that I also get some facebook chatting between her and lots of her male friends , talks were dirty ,abusive,sexual chat . We had a hot discussion and she left the house in midnight for their parent's home. We both lived together after marriage till July 14 at a rented house in different city away from my parents We filed a divorce case in Oct 14 on following basis : 1. Cruelty - That she was trying to kill her to pressurize us ( A handwritten suicide note we have ) 2. Relationship with other males after marriage without knowledge of her husband.( Copies of her facebook chat). Their were more than 6 dates at court but they were not appeared . First two dates was spoil due to strike of lawyers and rest of dates Judge was not appointed . Court sends two notice , out of this one was received by them and second one was refused . Neither they talk on divorce nor they appear in the court till now. Few days back my wife forcefully tried to enter at my parents own house by saying this is my legal right to stay at my sasural and I have no idea for any divorce case . My parents called the police and finally her parents take her home from police station. We want to end up this relation but what counter party wants , we have no idea . I am requesting you to please suggest me my rights and procedure to end up this either mutually or through court . Is she have any right to stay at my home (rented) or my parents house while divorce case is in court? Are they file a case under section 498 A , domestic violence after one year of separation and divorce case ? Plz suggest . Rajiv Singh