Legal ownership of a married daughter on her parents property

My father had 2 marriages . my parents are both retired government emplolyees. he is retired from navy. My own mother is also a retired from hospital as a nurse. I have s step mother and 2 step brothers. without giving divorse to my mother, my father married to my mothers own younger sister because he needed a boy child to be born in family. I am the only single child of my mother. Now when I am demanding for my property share my step mother and her 2 children are refusing to give me my property share, stating that you have no rights and we will not give to you. my mother is a quiet person she is ciritical situatuion as she has to support her own sister instead of her daughter. now my mother is also refusing me for the property share as well as my father too. please can anybody tell me what should I have to do ? should i go to the advocate and file a case agst my parents and step brothers? also if I file a case , then what are the rough expenses that i have to bear for court and legal fees excluding the advocates fees? I am not financially sound. My husband has been terminated from job and I am only earning for our livelihood. Can anybody suggest me what to do??????