Disputed Site in Devarachikkanhalli

Dear Sir, My parents bought a site in Devarachikkanahalli from a private seller, however, ever since its purchase 10yrs ago, it has created problems. Firstly, the neighboring apartment builders (East of site) encroached 5 feet of Land in 2005, which went into court and was settled out of court to leave us with 60 by 35 feet. Now my dad passed away last year, so we are trying to get the khatha transferred to her name but we are missing the order copy of the withdrawn case. Is it absolutely necessary to have this or can we get the khatha transfer done without it. We have most of the original documents necessary for khatha transfer: Original purchase deed, Deed of confirmation of the settlement, Tax paid receipts to date. Also, the North face of the site is being disputed by a builder who is going to be getting the survey of the land to confirm the northern boundary of our site and theirs. Now according to them the boundary is going to eat up half our site and thus if we went to sell it, we will only be able to sell the half site. According to the advise we have been given, we should construct a house in the whole site, which I cannot believe is possible right now. Please advise what is the best way forward. Many thanks Pavithra