FIR filed by my wife 498a, IPC 406

Dear Advisors, I am married to a girl who's father is a Sub inspector of police Chennai. After the birth of our girl baby my wants to be in her parents place and wanted me to be with her leaving my mother who recently lost her husband(my father). For which my wife filed a CSR in two police stations in in women's police station and other one near my wife's house. So women's police officers are handling the case now. I have been refered For counselling and my wife refused to continue her life with me. We have also been referred to Social welfare department in Chennai. We are yet to receive a report, however mean while my father in law using his daughters name he filed an FIR with 498a and IPC 406. I have applied for bail today in High court, I have been assured that I will get it by Monday. I am worried whether I will be arrested this weekend If arrested can I say the police officers that I have applied for AB ( but I have no proof with me now). As a Sub inspector does my father in law has any rights to come to my house and arrest me? But he is from a different police station from the stations the complaints lodged. I kindly request you to assist me. Thanks Neelanarayanan