Lawyer advice

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Amit Manihar. After the death of my grandfather(died on 7th Dec, 2004) there was a pseudo partition (As my father was addicted to some bad habits i was studying) has been made in influence of other relatives an arrangement due to pressure of my elder uncle's family, As per this arrangement 3/4th portion of property possessed by my uncle and rest with us (Other than this there some other properties which was taken by my grandfather in name of my uncle also so we can not do about them). No financial partition also made due to bad habits of my father. But this arrangement was only notarized not registered. So property is still in my grandfather's name. My grandfather has 2 sons & 2 daughters. But now i want to mortgage our property for business loan. But bank denied to provide as partition deed was not registered so i asked my uncle's family to complete registration of properties but they denied to help us as our family having differences. So i told them if they will not as desired by us than we will suit a case for equal partition of property what so ever in my grand father's name. So please suggest complete legal opinion over my stand....Please also suggest how this property can be transferred in our name??/ Amit Manihar +[deleted] +[deleted]