Hiding mental issues before marriage

My wife family didn't told us about her daughter mental illness before marriage. After marriage she stayed our home one week. During this week she didn't gave me the permission of physical relations. During this week her behavior was not Normal.Then his uncle came and take her to his parents Home. Than because of pandemic lockdown take place. And she came back in month of may. Suddenly one day we see she is eating her own hairs. when we ask her she denied and next few days she doing same things like she eat plastic piece of her bangles, eating hairs. One day she start ripping his clothes and walking around without wearing a cloth. When we change her clothes after that she again ripped her cloths. During this she didn't not gave me permission of physical relations.When we tell her parents about her behavior they start shouting on us and said they will put us into the jail. They don't tell us why she behave like that. Then by forcing they tell us she suffering from major seizures. Her treatment was started when she was 16 years old. And her treatment continues when her marriage take place. But they didn't tell us. After that they threatened us. We take her to civil hospital jalandhar the doctor refer her to vidya sagar mental Institute Amritsar. My mother and sister take her to amritsar hospital. But doctors said that her parents should be present here. But her parents denied to came. Then we politely with consent of his parents send her back his house. So that her parents continue her treatment but they didn't started her treatment but also threatened us on phone calls in different ways they use abusive language And they mentally harass us and said that take her back otherwise they send us in jail. What would we do. Plz help me.