My tenant is not evicting

Hello Sir, I am having a house in madhya pradesh. My son has given its ground floor on rent to a family in 2011 as I was posted at Delhi. My wife was accompanying me. Now I have been retired in 2013. Now We are staying in the first floor of the house located at madhya pradesh, but we are not having enough space there. Now we asking our tenant to vacate the house, but he is not interested in doing this. He is very irregular in paying rent. Moreover he never gives any description about rent (for what month it is of). Whenever he feels like he deposit rent in 4-5 months. He has now started practising law, that is why he tries to create extra pressure on us. Recently, after discussing it with local lawyer we have sent a 2 months notice that now we are not interested in keeping you as a tenant, you pay the arrears and vacate the house. when he has taken the house, it was taken for residential purpose only, but now he has started doing computer related work as well as his advocacy in it. Me and my wife are in the category of senior citizens, we are having health problems as well, we cannot climb stairs daily and my son is due for marriage. Rent was Rs/- 8000 per month, the rent on him is due is around Rs. 4 lakhs, 1. can we file a case in rent controller authority. 2. Can we make a complaint in bar council of India about such a weird behaviour from a upcoming advocate. Kindly suggest your valuable thoughts on the above matter. Thank you all in advance