Daughter's rights

My name is Natty Domnic Shirazi age 42. My father had build a house of nearly 2500 sq . We 5 kids was born in this house. I am 2nd girl child. My father had taken this land from his step father in the year 1975. And made a power of attorney in the year 2010, My father died in the year 25 July 2010. My youngest brother made a sale deed from my step grandfather in the year 2011. And transfered the property in his name. But till now the 7/12 is in my grandfather's name. My grandfather died in the 2012, he was above 80 years. Since 10 years my brother is telling me that when he makes building he will give me a flat. But since 2 years I am staying in the same house with my daughter and husband due to financial issues. I asked my brother to give a small place to build a house so that I can stay independently but he refused to give me infact my mother and brother are trying their level best to remove me from this house. They throw my things they come to fight with me. But I am facing them. Ma'am I went to the lawyer he said I cannot do anything because he made a sale deed.