Parking &maintenance issue

Hi, I am staying in a stand alone apartment which has 10 flats. 5 out of 10 flats are of the landlord and one of his relative has one more flat, so he claims that he has majority based on flats but the 5 flats are registered under one person name. Can that be called as Majority? Builder till date since 2016 has not allocated the parking slots, they just got them allocated for 6 flats, suddenly one day after 4 years they came and claimed that parking used by me has been allocated to them with a letter from builder. Is this the right way to allocate parking? Maintenance was decided to happen on per head basis for the water and electricity, as I had a 1 year old boy and we were buying bottled water for his daily use also, I requested that children till 5years to be exempted as gov does, also the decision of doing per head basis has not been intimated through meeting, it's decided on majority. Since then I stopped paying for my son which they counted as dues and I denied it. For which they are planning to cut the common facilities. Is that possible to cut the common facilities? And what shall I do if they do so? Our building does not have gov provided water line, we have made several attempts to speak to landlord for the same but he is not cooperative, as that cannot be taken seperately taken for a flat, it has to be taken for an apartment we are dependent on him. How to take this forward?