Clarification about the document

My husband has left me, after my girl baby born in hospital by hearing their parents words. After i put court case, it runs more than one yr,after that he close n take v both to his house at baby 3 yrs... After that he keep us for one year and again leave in my parents house for corona situation, wfh, so be here n y husband lives in his parents house. V not use to take there?his mother s main problem. Now her mother telling why i needs to send my son? Again he started. I don't want u and baby.. i live with my mother.(from past 1yr). still v not having ration card. My name has split from my parents ration card after marriage. Now i want to join my kid in school for 1st std. There they asking BC (Creamy/noncreamy layer). I not having income. As per law v not separated. 1. What step i needs to take for my situation? Im not interested to goto cout again for opening any cases. 2. What to do, to take ration card. 3. What needs to apply for school? Single parent or father details? Bc(Creamy/noncreamy)? 4.if creamy means , needs to get income certificate of him. He wont give.