Private terrace green houses on high rise apartment

I happen to be a flat owner in a 3yr old 14 storey Apartment complex in Bangalore. The builder has sold some parts of terrace areas to all the 14th floor flat owners for their personal use and have blocked these areas using metal fences specifically for their use. Though, the sale deed clearly states "No one is allowed to raise any additional construction on the terrace areas", a couple of owners have erected green house structures on top of their terraces using metal frames and fibre panels, stating these are not permanent structures or comes under the construction clause. And these structures extend till the extreme outer walls of the building. Have noticed the following problems with these structures 1. During strong winds, the structure and fibre panels keep shaking quite a bit and might pose safety issues to all residents incase the structure collapses 2. Being on the extreme edges of the building it would interfere with any fire safety activities 3. With all the drilling work done to put these structures, it could cause seepage issues to the building on the long run 4. Affects the overall elevation and look of the building I would need some expert advice on this matter 1. Though the structures are put in the private terrace areas, is it still allowed considering the above concerns 2. When the sales deed states No construction, will this include such structures also 3. If this is a clear violation, can the BBMP or any other local authority be approached