Harassment Calls from wife’s aides

While I’m fighting all the routine matrimonial cases here in Andhra Pradesh, my wife on the other side who originally agreed to settle the matter for 16 lacs has now started demanding huge amounts for settlement. As I cannot bear such hefty amount I have started visiting the courts attending my cases. But my wife and her father have engaged an unknown person who claims to be having strong ties with the ruling party and have been harassing me with continuous calls from different numbers demanding me to come to their terms if not he’s threatening me of dire consequences apart from giving life threatening warnings. I do have a audio recording where in he’s heard demanding 1.5 crores as settlement amount . As their threatening calls are giving me sleepless nights apart from causing immense mental stress and trauma, I want to know if there are any ways to deal with this settlement mafia, 1, can I lodge any complaint anywhere like the local PS or the office of SP ? 2. Where else can I send my complaint letter to safeguard myself and my family members ? I cannot afford such heavy amount and also happy fighting my cases. Request your valuable advise here. Thank you.