Property rights

We have our family owned house by my grand father in the village of Maharashtra. Can a person with His / Her name on the Front Page of the Ration Card, become the sole owner of the property? Can He / She pay the GHARPATTY (Village Grampanchayat House rent) in His / Her name if He / She has the name on the Front Page of the Ration Card? There are other family member"s names also mentioned on the last page of the Ration Card. The Ration Card is in my mother's name. Both my mother and father are No More. My elder brother also passed away in September 2021. My elder brother's wife and her child live in Mumbai. I also along with my family live in Mumbai. My Eldest sister who is handicapped live in village along with my younger brother and his wife and daughter. My younger brother's wife wants her name to be mentioned on the Front page of the Ration card of my village house. Should myself, my eldest sister and my elder brother's wife allow her for that and give our consent by giving our signatures? We are scared that my younger brother's wife in future should not change the GHARPATTY (Village Grampanchayat House rent) on her name. The GHARPATTY (Village Grampanchayat House rent) is still on my Grandfather's name. Will we be required to take her permission or consent letter for any Ration Card related Or Govt related work in the future.