Blood deed revocation by sr citizen

My grandfather had 3 killa's agriculture land in haryana from his personal own property. One year ago he decided to transfer this property between all 5 grandchildren on equally and hi did the same one year ago. After the one year when we were out of town due to marriage in relatives suddenly my Bua came and take my grandfather on her home and did the brain washed to ask to us to take back this property back since she also wants the share of property. We always take care of my grandfather and ask again now to come back home but my bua and grandfather refused without any reason and only demanding to take back property and also they have filed the case under tribunal. We have medicines bill proof which we had ordered through online pharmacy. Also we're always ready to take care my grandfather in future as well. Also we have proof of call recarding with my grandpa that my bua and fufa was came at home in our absence when they picked him. My Bua and Fufa ji are too greediness and my grandfather is 85 year old. Dear sir now i would like to confirm whether the my grandfather take this property back after the intkal (mutation).