Divorce alimony

I am seeking mutual divorce as we are not even talking terms for more than 2 years now. There is no argument or fight ever. But my wife demands an open marriage without any restriction which I cannot give her. Its her second marriage, mine first. We married in temple, small reception by her (2-3 lacs spent). I bought a flat with shared ownership of some 50 lacs (she paid 9 lacs, remaining i paid.) She has a central govt job in good position. Some 60k salary with all perks which will only increase with time. We have a 3.5 years old daughter whom I mostly took care till now. I want full custody of her but my wife not agreeing to it now. I think she is doing it for money as she is not much attached to her. She is threatning me with false chanrges, not allowing me to talk to my daughter for more than a month as she know i will suffer. I already have caught bad kidney disease out of stress and my health is deterioting every day. Please advice: Will I have to give her half of all my properties ? Will I have to give her part of my salary ? I would just want full custody of my daughter or just give her my money, not to my wife as she is evil. Questions: