Maintainence claim

Hi , We are married for 11 years ,and have 2 kids ( 8 years and 3 years boys ) .My husband stopped talking to me for past 6 months , and when asked , he never used to give any proper reply...instead of supporting , he used to criticise me in each nad every aspect , used to do character assassination and verbally abusing my parents and my brother ... All it need to give so much emotional trauma ,as i was made to maintain the house ,kids and everything all by my own, and made me a single parent to my kids .. I'm a dentist and started my own clinic 2 years back ,but due to covid ,I'm not earning much to support myself ... In the mean time , my father in law who stays with us has abused me verbally ... And after that I left the house and right now staying with my parents in my hometown along with kids .... I wanna get seperated from my husband and stay in seperate house close to my clinic , can I claim maintainance and child custody husband ,also file domestic violence case against my father in law ... if yes ,How long does it takes to get maintainance as I'm unable to pay rent for my clinic and can't depend on y elderly parents too .... please help