Electricity bill Payment of Grandfather's Property

My Grandfather died since 6 year ago and my father and brothers are total 5 So the issue is only 2 persons are paying the electricity bill and others are not , twoes are living outside the house threes are living in the house but only two arr paying one is not paying the bill since so many years. And even in twoes one is responsible for paying the bill who have taken responsibility to pay bills of electricity since so many years and my father is giving his contribution but he Didn't pay and now electricity bills are raising and we want to seperate our metere even the one who is responsible for pay the bills he also wants to separate but this time in January he have taken the contribution and didn't pay yet the bill. So please put the point of view in this scenario in how many ways i can file the case on this dispute and one question is if the sons are living outside then ehy have to pay the bill of fathers name , or not ?? Under which section or which article i can raise this case , please help.