Son and his wife denied to Vacate my house even after DM orders

Hi, I live in Delhi. I and my wife have been physically and mentally harassed & abused for many years by my elder son and his wife. They have beaten us much time and forced us to vacate our house and write the whole property to their name. My daughter-in-law already falsely implicated my younger son with the help of a girl, however, my son won the case because this was a fake case but he is living separately now as my daughter in law many times threaten him and me to again falsely implicated in fake cases. My daughter-in-law and my son abused and beaten my younger daughter who is married and is a cancer patient to never visit us. So she also does not visit us now. This house is in the name of my wife. We disowned my son and his wife in 2014 from my moveable or immovable property, however, they didn't vacate my house and continued their torture. In 2020, We filed a case in Senior citizen court and District Magistrate ordered my son and his wife to vacate my house. H'nble DM gave 30 days of time but they have not vacated my house. My son threatened me "that he will not vacate house and police can not do anything of him". I immediately called a senior citizen helpline and reported this incident to the police. But Police didn't take any action as usual and just gave my son a verbal warning and closed the complaint. Please advise what should I do now to get my house vacated from my son and his wife.