Regarding employment termination

My HomeMy AccountMy QuestionsMy LawyersMy BlogsUpcoming 1Upcoming 2 We would highly recommend you to use our paid program. It will rapidly increase the accuracy, response time, privacy and you can get 10-20 lawyers opinion on the same question in detail. Also you can continue ask the question till you get a satisfied answer. Dear sir,my date if joining was 1st june 2015,in the new organization which will be officially operated pan india from the last week of august 2015,but they hired before,u can say,pre launching drive.due to medical conditions of my mother & myself also,i have always requested for the transfering me to the nearest place to my city,where i can commute.for me it is quite tough to manage my mother medical conditions,hence i got absent for most of the days,hardly i have attained 3 to 4 days,since joining.i got terminated on tuesday morning,via e mail that,i had to resume my duty on monday,i have not joined,so i have been terminated without any telephonic conversation .only single mail i have got where,stated that,if at all i was not supposed to join on monday,my services will be terminated.where,i have replied that,due to the tooth surgery,i was not able to join on the directed date,because,it was troubling me and the pain was unbearable.only one fault i have committed that,i have not informed my immediate boss ot the HR,regarding my absenteeism on that date & next date,at 10 o clock,i got the termination mail,without communicating me on telephone,before,taking such a harsh step.sir,afterwards,i have replied several times,apologize several times,but the reply comes that,it is a final decision ,however,i have still requested for revoking my termination on humanitarian backgrounds,because,its a matter of my life and career as well.sir,no positive reply is coming out,got a mail that,i should not msg or mail to the orgzn regarding the needful.what can i do sir,is there any legal step brings back my job,because all of a sudden i lost my job,my immediate boss has misrepresented me always,to the Hr,tgat,without infirmation,he always absent.sir,i want to get back my job,and being an employee,i only know that termination of an employeee can be revoked,if they reconsider my case.pls get me the solution legally.