Cyber crime complaint against me (married) by brother of my girlfriend

I'm married. I'm in an after marriage relationship for past 3 years. It was known to my wife. Last week in a fight my wife got angry and called my girlfriend's parents and informed about us. When they inquired, my girlfriend told that she would continue this life with me and she would be having kids with me. Frustrated parents filed a online cyber crime complaint against me and my wife. They mentioned that we(me & wife) possessed a sexually explicit picture of both(me & girlfriend) of us. And we're threatening her to involve in sexual activities with me and others. Now my girlfriend is with her parents. I've no way to contact her now. But she had sent me messages in whatsapp claiming that their parents were planning some legal proceedings against me and my wife without her will. Though this case may not sustain when it comes for hearing (assuming my girlfriend will tell the truth), is there any action I can take to prevent myself and my wife from getting arrested. My wife is 9 months pregnant.