Ancestor House

Hello, I am Sachin from Pune. I want seek some advice about my ancestral property. I have one Ancestral house in my hometown. Earlier I used to live there along with my Father. I don't have any documents of that property with me. Now my 2 of Paternal aunts lives there. Including my father total 6 people had their names on properties PR card. Now, when my father was alive, my uncle was asking for his share so my father gave him that share from his pocket (again no proof that my father paid that amount). Later may father passed in 2003, and two other aunts asked for their shares and my other two aunts give their share from their pocket (again to proof if they gave amount from their pocket). Later after my father passed, my name was registered on PR card. Now currently me and my two paternal aunts have ownership of that property and those two aunts are living there. Last time when my uncle and other two aunts asked for their share my father and later my aunts (currently living in property) gave some lump sum amount (very less than actual their share would have cost as per the market value at that time) to my uncle and other two aunts who were asking for their shares. Nowadays, my relations with those two aunts aren't good and I am thinking of asking my share from that property. But, I want the exact third part of the actual property value and not some lump sum amount. In this case LEGALLY can I ask them to sell the property and give me my share in case they are able to give me my part from their pockets? In case if I file a case against them in court for getting my share, will that help me? Note that, those two aunts do not have any residential property other than this but have lot other properties like plots etc. Kindly give me advice on how should I seek for my share legally? Regards! Sachin