Applying for divorce

Hi, I am 39yrs old and my wife is of same age and we have 6yrs old son. Now situation is I left my job last year in jan 2020 to start my own business of trading. And March 2020 what happened we all know. And my business till date dnt picked up. House expenses were managed some how. Gold loan on her name we took and still paying on monthly basis. I am staying in flat with my wife, son, mom and my brother. My dad passed away last October due to covid. This house is on my name only. It's is mess situation here. My mom cooks for herself n brother and wife for my son separately. They both r two corners since marriage in 2013 Now she wants a divorce where asking for a house and monthly maintenance and all education as well her expenses. I would like to know how can I end all this peaceful ? What all she can claim from me or court can give her.her asking is 2bhk that too near kid school. Currently earning per month is just 10 to 11k of mine. Which use to be 75 to 1lc in Jan 2020. Since then 2020-2021 total income was just 40 50k while year. Help me guide me how to handle situation.