Is my messages are valid to put more cases on me from my wife

Hi, my parents are very cruel people and criminal minded people. They are very dominant and whatever they decide, they will do. They started fighting with me on marriage day and our people tried to solve and I messaged them that if continue like this it will be problem for their daughter due to differences will be going on and will not resolve but they consistently taking these kind of messages as proof as false cruelty from my side and my wife always says she will go for suicide attempt and she has done many times like having pinoil etc and she did this kind of emotional black many times and she did the same thing their parents house and they came and beaten me like anything and we decided to go for divorce but fear about putting so many cases on me and my family since she has so many messages as proof from fight in messages and I scolded like anything in messages which she has proof and black mailing now. Totally we are not happy with marriage life but fear about having so many cases like dowry, cruelty etc. We did not have any proof because we did not think to have it since it happens in life but she is taking advantages so please suggest me fight for divorce