Demarcation of my property

I applied for demarcation of my paternal property in the Block and eventually got it demarcated by Govt Ameen, I collected the Certified copy of the demarcation report. Now, when I tried to do the cement pillaring of my demarcated land, local police came and stopped my pillaring by saying that they have received a complaint from someone else that there is a dispute on my land.I was also asked by the SHO that O should submit the property documents in the police station and asked us to appear for Janta Darbar. The SHO has been bribed by that person and under his influence the SHO didn't check any documents and asked us to go to the court, also threatened us to remove the cement pillars from the plot ASAP, otherwise he will throw them. He even questioned the authenticity of my demarcation report duly signed and issued by Block office. Now, my pillars have been stolen and that person is sowing the grains as well. I send written complain to local police, ,DM, DCLR, SSP, DSP, DGP and CM through registered post. No action has been taken yet. FYI, Register 2 is still in the name of my father. Pls guide accordingly.