Nri divorce

Dear Sir, We were married in India. The we went abroad, and my wife refused to sleep with me and after 3 years of marriage forcefully once we slept together and we now have a daughter. We have been married for 12 years now. She had tried to attack me with knife she has psychiatric problems which her parents told me 5 years ago and needs medications. However, she refuses to take medications and keep saying that she is mentally fit, and I am mentally unfit. This was shocking information I got. Teh tantrum starts normally in the middle of the night until early morning and hard for me to work and going to office due to poor sleep etc, she doesn't cook anything or bath herself and keeps the house very dirty. I don't know how to prove these things in court. She keeps threatening that she is going to suicide and has been saying for last 10 years. Once she is evening tried to jump out of window of the flat. In the night she grabs the child and trys to run to hospital saying I am bad father etc. She has serious mental and anger problems. I am suffering for last 12 years. Finally, 6 months ago I somehow manged to push her to come to India. I really hope to file for divorce but after taking legal consultation some lawyers are saying I can't file for divorce because all the incidents have happened overseas. It is such a dilemma; I have lost my proper job and I now suffering with this drama. She is living in my flat in another city with her mother and I am staying with my parents. She can't look after herself and her mother with her assists her. As it is impossible for me to stay in house I worry about my personal safety and nighttime tantrums. Living separately is very peaceful and no issues. I asked her to give mutual consent divorce and she refused and said she will call media, defame me, commit suicide, and kill the child which is 8 years old. Her parents are not interested in divorce they say it's our personal issue. According to my wife these are normal issues, and all family has arguments. What should I do? Such a real problem and really issue of her own personal safety and mine and child's safety issue. Thank you