My husband not contributing money for 2nd baby pregnancy checkup because of am working

We both get married 4 years ago, we have a 3years old girl child and am pregnant(3months ) now . we both are working in pvt sector . last 2 years family expenses spent from my salary only .our monthly expenses reaching 35,000\pm including house rent .Now my husband forcing me to pay for 1st kid education allowance and 2 nd baby pregnancy checkup expenses also . he is telling since am working women I need to manage all the expenses from my salary and his salary(HUSBAND total salary 80,000rs per month) . even though he is getting more salary than me , he is completely refused to share the expenses of 1st kid education and 2nd kid pregnancy regular checkup . ONLY REASON is AM A WORKING WOMEN SO I need to take responsibility of all the expenses . am not able to mange all the expenses now . currently am in very big mental stress because of this . if he is taking my 1st kid education fees and 2nd kid checkup fees means i can manage the family expenses ( rent, eb, milk, provision , gas, internet, petrol etc) . I was sit with him and explained my situation many times to him calmly .but no improvement from him .so that now am thinking to approach legally. please can anyone help me on this ?. any rights there to get financial support from husband to my kids education and medical allowance .