Divorce or Seperation

I filed a divorce case against my wife in 2014. The judgement was given in 2018 by the honorable court and i was not granted divorce. I have two daughters, one is adult and the second is 17 now. I along with my daughters are living separately since January 2016. My wife never demanded custody of kids and never tried to get in touch with them. Moreover she filed multiple cases against me such as maintenance, domestic violence, stay on property etc. I had to leave a reputed job as she was harassing me by sending RTI and court notices at my office address. I started my own biz but here also i am suffering coz of her. My elder daughter appeared in court from my side and appraised the honorable court still the judgement was not in my favor. My wife demands a lump sum money and monthly maintenance from me to take back the false cases. She wants to stay separate from me and kids but not willing to give divorce. I am going through hell with my kids, please suggest. I never went to high court as it is in chandigarh and at this point of time i cannot afford the expense.