Attrocities of hdfc bank

Dear sir I have taken two personal loan from hdfc bank one is of 265000 and another 125000 ,due to accident of mine my one emi returned and that was collected by the collecting agent of hdfc bank but same was not credited into my account .I am still under treatment since 2013.i have written more 100s mail but I got no reply . when I wrote to the grievance reddressal a false case of ni act 138 framed against me by depositing the security pdc cheque which was taken during processing of loan which is already mention in loan agreement . the next very day I also given instruction to our bank to stop the ecs for both the loan. Then I was getting threatening of killing kidnapping of beating so I registered fir against collecting agent. Hdfc bank appointed sole arbitrator for second loan I have paid 31 emi without any fail before this case of 48 emi.his arbitrator is not ready to listen anything what should I do?and second case is subjudice in that loan I have paid 42 emi of 42 emi. they know that on the first hearing itself case of NI act will harassing me.please guide me what they can do against me.