I m divorces and had been in contact with a man for an year who first said that his case was awaiting divorce he loves me and so we were in a relationship and came to know after an year that he did not apply for divorce at all and he was staying away from his wife since ten years.then after my pressure he applied for a divorce last year in May.A dowry case is already going on against him which he claims it to be it has been 3 years we r in contact.And gradually I came to know he flirted with many girls.He started abusing me and cheated me off my money also.And now last Month he emotionally forcibly convinced me we got married in arya samaj.But then since then my life has become a hell.He keeps abusing me comes late to home doesn't talk to me and tortures me everyday.I want to get seperated but he doesn't go from my house.He tells me he will ruin me if I leave him.He has cheated me very badly.His divorce case is still pending with the dowry case also.What should I do.I don't want to live with him.but he keeps threatening me.