Right of heir

My father purchased a plot in 1970.there were about 130 persons who had purchased plots in the same area but were unable to construct a house there and therefore all surrendered it to a co-operative society in 1995.he passed away in 2003 .my mother also passed away in 2006.In the year 2008 society decided to allot the newly constructed bangalow to my brother and me. but my brother who is also an advocate filed law suits in different courts against me so as not to allow me enjoy my property share. my father clearly mentioned in the will that larger portion of the said bangalow should be given to his elder son i.e. myself ,as he had already given his own earned residence to his younger son i.e. my younger brother. since 2008 all the law suits against me filed by my brother are pending in the courts getting dates after dates.in the year 2007 he obtained share certificate from the society having his name mentioned first and my name is at second place without having and producing my N.O.C I want to know whether I am entitled to enjoy my share of the said property right now as a heir of my father.if not what to do?