Problem in Closing 498a case

Dear Sir, I have been roaming around courts for last 2 years. I have filed for divorce and in reply she has filed RCR,DVC and Criminal Case(u/s 498a,406,506,DP 4 & 6). Finally when i submitted my evidences to court she came for a compromise and agreed to withdraw all her cases and go for Mutual Consent Divorce.As agreed we both have written an MOU and as per the MOU agreement all the articles have been exchanged and we have agreed to pay her 2 lacs against each case total 8 lacs.In the same as per the MOU 1.In RCR Case : Paid her 2 lacs post dated DD and gave her in front of judge and case got closed. 2.In DVC Case : Paid her 2 lacs post dated DD and gave her in front of judge and case got closed and collected the Dismissal Order from court(u/s 257 crpc) 3.In Divorce case : Paid her 2 lacs post dated DD and we applied for MCD(u/s 13B) and also got the Divorce Degree from the court also 4.In 498a case : Already paid her 2 lacs post dated DD,but charge sheet got filed and just SR No happened but CC No did not happend.So we requested the Police persons to bring back the file but they are saying all sort of stories. My Question: 1. As per the MOU it is the responsibility of her to withdraw the 498a case but she is not showing any interest nor coming to WPS or court to with draw case, In this situation what i must do to close the case? 2. I have the following documents - MOU duly signed by her and her parents & brother. - Postdated DD's xerox copies including DD no's given to her - DVC dismissal order copy - Divorce Degree court order copy where it is clearly mentioned as that she got the entire amount as per MOU - Consolidated Recipet duly signed by her of recieving the entire amount and also agreeing to with draw the Criminal Case either in court or WPS. Keeping all this documents what action can i take against her? Should i file a cheating case against her for not withdrawing the 498a case?