Cyber crime

I have been suffering by sattelite technology. Some people who are actually personnel of some phone companies like Vodafone airtel etc, they every time watching me by this technology. Not only that they also sharing it to my local area with local people's. By the power of sattelite technology they are able to read my mind and they also sharing it with local communities. you may hap want to know why they after me while they are so renown? well it had started on 2007- 08. They started it by a story. But they didn't came first. There was a lady who is also a personnel of that type of company.I don't know actually. Cause they upmost tried to hide every data of her. Her parents who are actually inhabitants of this area but presently setteled at howrah. They came and sprade out to locality that, they want to marry their daughter with me. today 2015 and I still don't get married while I'm able to get marriage of every aspect. Most of all they sprade out again they married their daughter with some other guy. Very well, no problem. But why they still after me by their technology? Behind that hence, I'm unable to get marriage unable to live peacefully unable to get a job unable to make association unable to live social life. Do you understand my problem? I don't have any purpose I don't have any meaning to live the life. Please give me some fruit full suggestions to overcome this situation. your's truly D. Mukherjee.