Breaking Employment Contract/Bond

Hi, Few months back I got a job offer in Mumbai. Basically I am from Kolkata. They asked to join with their company asap and also agreed to buy out the notice period. So I accepted the offer. They paid notice period short fall amount and relocation allowance in total its almost 1.5 lac. in the offer they mentioned I need to continue atleast I have to continue 2 yrs service with the organisation. But after joining my new company I found its totally different job what they explained during interview. In which I am never ever interested. so just after 1-2 month I start searching and recently I hav got an offer. But that amount is just impossible to pay as most of the part is already gone away due to relocation. I dont want to serve notice period. If I just send resignation by informing them the cause of my satisfactions (Though I have already discussed the same in bet our department) what maximum they can do? My new employer is ready to allow me with just acceptance of resignation letter. please suggest. I dont need any relieving letter or exp certificate I just get rid of this company and also I dont want to pay the huge amount. Thanks Mr Ghosh