Cheating at the time of possession by Bhasin Group/Bhasin builder

Hi, I am from delhi and we invested in retail project in greater noida named grand venice. At the time of buying we were told that we have to pay some amount now and rest on offer of possession;and the same is mentioned in our agreement too. 1.They possession is delayed by3/4 years already. 2.Now they have sent us letter of possession asking to pay balance payment and other charges in 15 days which we were ready to pay, but when we went to their office for the same they gave an amount of Approx Rs.27 lakhs written on a piece of paper as interest. When we asked for the same on their letter head they refused to give it to us. There are approx 150-200 people who made full payment initially are fighting for their assured return and possession, because now the company is willing to make it a lease model instead of selling,thus forcing people to leave their shops. 3. We tried very vigorously to meet the owner but he is hiding somewhere and not meeting anyone. Please help us if we should approach the consumer court or something else. We were reluctant to approach the civil court as the fees demand their is approx 4/5 lakhs which might get difficult as we have to pay for the property as well. WE WANT THE SHOP WE FINALISED AT THAT TIME ONLY. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU Regards Minakshi Monga