Mental and physical harassment by husband

Hello , Iam pradnya. Married since 7 years with 18 months old baby. Since 6 months Iam facing problems from my in law family. I don't have both father and mother in law. My husband has 3 brothers and 1 sister. I could not declare my pregnancy as advised by my gynaecologists because Iam diabetic since 5 years and it was high risk pregnancy. Since birth of my child everybody started nagging over small things including my husband. Recently I had filed a complaint against my husband for beating me. I saw the messages to his ex female colleague for realations. Still beatings continue. Whenever we have a fight , he records everything in his mobile. According to him , he is not looking for divorce but beatings , fights , messaging his female friend , recording of arguments continues. He asked me to leave the house at 3 o clock in the morning. I feel unsafe because Iam diabetic and home maker to file a divorce. Again , If he changes his mind and files a divorce then what about my child's custody? My relatives and doctors had suggested for family councillor but he doesn't want to go for it. I tried seeking help from his brothers and sister but all are blaming me. I have messages over whatsapp asking for suggestions with my brother in law. What should I do to keep me and my child safe?