Friend not returning money

A person I know borrowed a sum of 15000 last November citing medical emergency. The amount was paid by account payee cheque. He promised to return the money by January. Since then he has been reneging on his promise under one pretext or the other. This has been documented over multiple emails and SMSs where he committed to specific dates for returning the money but finally did not pay up. Now my questions are : 1. Can I send him a legal notice ? How much would it cost to do this in Bangalore. (I do understand that the loaned amount is small and I might as well forget it, but I would like to pursue this for two reasons -(a) it is hard earned money and (b) I need to send him a message so that he doesn't do this with others in future) 2. Can I share a copy of the legal notice with his employer? The intent is to create pressure so that he returns the amount. I do understand that his employer is not liable. 3. What are the other options available to legally pursue this ? 4. Are there any pitfalls associated with #1 and #2 above ?