Can we ask for reinvestigation fo a case under subjuidice

Dear Sir i am going though a false case filed on me by ambernath police in 2010 and was booked under section 323 and 324 these charges were incurred on me by the police for having a fight with a local goonda but i know my name is dragged purposely. incident in short : "we reached the police station to complaint regarding the gundagiri and abrupt beating to a boy and threatend him to bleed upto death,by the person named Alias "Bittu" (a serial criminal and jailed 3-4 times ,having 22 cases of dacioti,half murder etc). but poilce did not entertained all the 30 persons came there to register complaint, later on were forced to leave for their homes by the other police by several means like shouting at the complaints torturing the women etc., after reaching to our society the so called goonda called as Bittu called me and asked to come near his buildings and i was followed by all other residents of society the conversation got into quarel and then turned into fight as Bittu asked me to make vanish me in next 2 days by holding my neck as a self defence i also slapped him and hit him as harder as i could and seeing this(me beating him) all people started throwing stones and some started beating him. when he called me ,we informed police station that there is a chance of fight as he has called us as a dhamki. as usual police came after everything was over some body hit him by a stick on his head making him bleed during the fight. now police woke and went to his home ,and his wife was calling all the officers by their name as if she knew them all ,after 10-15 mins police came out and asked us to come to police station (time 2 p.m) every one(20-25 residents ) again reached police station and was made to stand like criminals upto 7 p.m and at 7 they started searching for 3 criminals, me and other two, saying there is a complained lodged against 3 and we were arrested and then presented in court next day and was released on bail and the case is still going on us. due to my personal circumstances and fear of being jailed i was simply attending the dates till now, but i am fed up of this attitude of mine running. kindly let me know wheather i can ask for a re investigation of the same case now and how can i go ahead where i can challenge the culprit police officers who actually spoiled my life and career