Divorce and Dowry Act

Dear sir I am working in a project as a contract program in a private company and my salary was around Rs. 80,000 monthly. I was married with a girl who is a government employee just 2 months back in June, 2015. Her salary is around Rs. 50,000 monthly. Since first day itself after the marriage, she did not cooperate with his husband in anything and used abusive and completely disrespectful languages towards her husband and husband's families while her every needs were good taken care of by all in-laws. I never said even a single abusive word towards my wife but she continued abusing with high pitch and threatened all of us that I will either file a petition for divorce or it may be Dowry Act. She did not stay with her husband even a single day in their room. So, I think you can understand now what the situation was. When she was asked why are you doing and saying weird things on the very 1st day after d marriage, then she told whatever I replied in affirmation to your conditions you put before marriage was false i.e. she was pressurized by her parents to say everything in "yes " so that marriage can be possible. So, she did the same as she was asked to do so by her parents. But, sir I am fully cheated by her and her family. Not only this, she threatened to drag me in the court whenever my mind will change. I may also lodge false dowry case against you in near future. Now, my contract job is over and right now I do not have any job i.e. I am unemployed now and I am applying for job but I don't know exactly when I m going to get a job. But, she is still doing her job. So, if she applies for divorce and alimony then how much will I need to pay to my wife who has not become my wife technically/ officially yet. Tell me sir what should I do to defend me and my innocent family from her? Is there any legal process to safeguard my family? As for Alimony, how much exactly may I need to pay her as I m now unemployed. What else she can claim for? Or, she is employed till now so whether she should cover my maintenance? Does a working wife cover maintenance of her unemployed husband? If I want to file divorce case then on what ground should I file for divorce??? and it has not became even 1 year of marriage and my wife is staying with her parents after separating from me since 2nd day after marriage. So, how can we I file for divorce as I can no longer be with her as her husband as she disrespected me very badly and she even doesn't know anything from cooking to household works/ management. So, I request you sir I am really in trouble. Please help me with rules and regulations as to what should I do in above said circumstances. Like Alimony amount (should I pay her or she will pay me)? Defensive steps against dowry case if she lodges? Can I file divorce case before 1 year after marriage? How many years does it take to get divorce decree or complete relief from false dowry case? If she is indulged in adultery? No contacts for last 1 month from her side since she left my home and had said I would say my conclusion after 2 months. So, 2 months' time is going to over and she does not say anything what she is up to? So, I am really frustrated and in dilemma? Please sir, help me I m helpless. Thanking you