Dividing ancestor property with out consent of daughter

Hi , This question regarding my mother property. My mother is 56 year old and she got married my father in 1980.They are two children to their parent(one son, one daughter).So my mother has only one elder brother (uncle) he is a lawyer. My grandfather passed away in 1997 and there after whole property is taken care by my mother brother ie uncle. My grandmother is still alive and healthy with God grace. Now issue is with property, My mother has been neglected by their brother and not included for any decision making or we can say there is no good relationship is existed. There is no divide in property still. My grandfather has owned around 60 acres coffee estate. so all the property is ancestors. Now we got to know from some third party that all the property has been divided and registered secretly to my uncle wife and his two children. My grandmother also included with that act. So my question is does my mother has right to question now? What is the percentage of share my mom has right ? Is not illegal to divide property without taking consent of own daughter ie my mom? Since my uncle is lawyer , is there any difficulty to get justice. ? How sub-register can transfer property without sign of my mom Please help me in order to take next step. Thanks & regards, Kiran