Can I take any legal action ?

I am a girl..I was in a relationship with a man who was my professor in the past....after living that institution we came into a relationship. he was married and I knew this...but he told me he will marry me in fact he married to me in private....i had physical relationship for two years on regular basis...i got pregnant he asked me for abortion which I did....for two I continuously asked him that what's his plan for having children with his wife....he always denied and said that he doesn't have any plan like this with her......after two years I came to know that his wife is 7 months pregnant...I had already asked this to him but he always said that it's not true but one day when he left the country I had asked him on chatting that is his wife pregnant he said he will not answer and I have to wait and suffer. after knowing the truth from a third person I told everything to his wife after that he is threatening me by saying that he will tell everything to my parents and will destroy my career. Can I file a rape case against him because he had promised me for proper marriage....also is there any chance of any legal action against me ?