Property Partition

I am working as software consultant on a contact basis. Though contact was initial for 6 month but without any written document it is extended. I am Sr. Citizen. On 26/2/21 I have done posteriors cataract operation. On 23/2/21 I have given prior mail to my company that I need 2 weeks of leave. Company ask me to come to their office, due to medical ground I told them I would not be able to come to office. Same day they have arranged an conference call and verbally told me to hand over the my laptop same day. I told them I will not be able to hand over immediately. After 2 weeks when I open my mails found that company has stopped payment of my remuneration since 1.1.2021, blamed me that I have not completed my duties properly. Good amount of mismatch between my delivery and my contract specified services. I have not received any contact termination notice yet. Could I claim my remuneration since 1.1.21 to till date? Thanks & regards Asit Roychoudhury