False accusations allegations against a man

Sir, I am a resident of Lucknow U. P. India and wanted to ask you what should be done if a woman wilfully signs an application against an innocent man for violence and abuse. She is trying to irreverently make my family spinning around police station. Actually she is a tenant who lives near my house. Initially she used to spy at my house and be congenial with my mother. My mother never used to talk to her as she did not found her a correct woman but she always used to meddle in between whenever we used to go out of our homes . When she realized that we don't even look or pass a smile at her, the she started scolding my younger brother everytime he used to go to play in order to ostentate my mother to fight with her. When my mother confronted her in order to sought out the matter, she called her entire family (mother, sister and sister in law) but only girls to fight with my mom. Her husband is under some military work an so he doesn't lives with her and that's why she takes complete advantage of being a solitary woman. My mother closed the matter herself and didn't even told anyone except my father and me about how badly she was treated by the tenant. Then afterwards she started accusing and passing bad comments on us whenever we used to be out. We ignored her a lot but then when my father became wild with rage then he asked her to call her family members and sought out the matter. The tenant called her brother who came along with a shooter to fight with my family without any extreme issue. She is completely torturing us since a longer period of time. She is taking an extreme advantage of the fact that she lives alone with her two small children. She speaks such a vitriolic language that I can't even tell and always threatens us by saying that if we'll take any action then she will report to police and even signed a false application against my father regarding passing abusive words. Please help me out in such a situation.