Harassment by my wife

Dear Sir, I have got married 5 years back. I have 3 year son. It's arrange marriage. Earlier we were staying together in joint family with my parents & sisters. After six months she started unwanted disputes with my sisters and mother. Than we start staying on rental basis, after 1 year my father bought me new house near in father's place. After that also she is keep fighting with me, she hit me many a times, abusing me & my parents on daily basis. She keep treating to do for suicide & tell that she will go to stay at my parents home & create issues over there. Infect she tried to do couple of times & i called police that time. I am prepare to keep my son along with me. I have all evidence of abusing, hit me. Her father is in police, so she always try to threat me based on that. My question is that :- 1) How do i got separation by her. 2) To file a divorce case is that compulsory even though we don't stay separate for 6 months, as she is not prepare to leave me & just wanted to make me and my family in trouble. If i will go to my father's place she come over there.