I got married last year under special marriage act in delhi and i stayed with my husband a month only, after 3 days of our marriage we had an argument and he pushed me back due to which i fell down got an injury on my head. I have been admitted to the hospital but i have not filed any complaint against him. we went for a honeymoon during which he tortured me mentally. during that one month of our honeymoon i got admitted thricely in the hospital due to migraine. doctors told me that it is due to i got hitted on my head that injury got triggered into migraine. He never leaves me alone with my family. when i reached to his parents house they never introduced me with anyone, neither did anything to welcome a newly wed bride. I also find him that he took some medicines which he told me that urologist suggest him as he was not involved in any physical relationship from last two years. although i don't believe him coz i don't find him physically fit. we decided for mutually divorce but he asked me not to tell his family about this don't involve them. but at some point i find that he will not give me mutually divorce. he send me msgs, emails and try to patch up but i don't want to stay with that man. I have stopped responding his emalis .he is very controlling and doubtful person. even if some strangers look at me he doubted on me why u don't gave him some unwanted expressions etc. we are living separately from last 7 months, i can file a case only after the completion of one year of my marriage. can i file it immediately after the the completion of one year or the completion of living separately from one year? 1. if in mutual he ask for a one more chance what will i do? 2. if he denies for the divorce then i know i have to file on the grounds of cruelty how long will it take to get the divorce? whether he can ask for a transfer of a divorce? my marriage took place in delhi and i too lives in delhi and he is in bangalore whether he can ask for a transfer?