Marriage conflict

Hello I got married 3 months ago, it was purely arranged, like i'd not seen or talked to the girl before marriage, All done by my family. and i didn't had any issue with the same. after marriage she was happy with me, she also had no problem marrying me without knowing me, after some days due to some incident she spoke little bit about her pre marriage affair, I accepted her with that. Infact started to give her more love so that she can overcome her past. since she had not explained me the situation completely, i was not aware of the complete situation, she was blackmailed by her boy friend that if she don't marry with him he will end his life, for every now and then he use to do emotional blackmail to her, so without informing to anyone's parent they married in court. and didn't let to know anyone in family. Since she is also working in different city so i didn't let her ruin her career and ask her to continue with her job and apply for relocation to my place, which was in process. She was not in contact with that guy since last 5-6 months, as he beated her badly and tried some harsh action to her. suddenly when he came to know my marriage with her, he again approached her and tried emotional harassment of suicide and all, he was trying to take her to his home, she went with her keeping in mind that she will speak her current situation and ask his family to make him understand and take care of him, but unfortunately his family trapped her and didn't let her go from their home for more than 8 days, she was also not able to talk to me properly for these days, as she was forced to talk to a limit so that i don't come in doubt, anyhow she once managed to call me in separate and explained me the situation, i managed her current location through whatsapp, and fetched her after 20 hours struggle with the help of local police, Their family were trying to take her to nepal and keep there far from me. But some how i managed to escape her from their trap. since they were locals and we didn't wanted any police case, court and harassment at that time, so police made some settlement. that no parties will interfere each other, as she wanted to go with me so she came with me without any problem, meanwhile when she was at their place she was forcefully signed a paper that she was married with me forcefully, which is not true. They took her 3 ATM's, Pan card, after this also that guy is still displaying her pic as his whatsapp dp, he also tried to text her sister, and some of his family member tried to call her, although it was signed that no parties will contact each other. I need suggestions regarding their separation on legal paper, also if i can perform some legal action on them.