Full and final salary not received

Hello sir, I have worked with Reliance brands limited and left the company on 7 June. i served notice on 7 may. They have not processed my complete full and final salary till date. when i have tried to contact the HR, i have only been harassed without getting any help. i have spent more than 1000 rs on phone calls and emails. But no help. They did process my full n final after 45 days of leaving work, but that came with many wrongful deductions and partial payment. They have not paid my complete salary. When i asked for clarification, they refused to clarify. Then they promised to refund the amount which they have not. And now when I mail them regarding the same, they deny everything. I have all their conversations in email as record and proof that they promised to pay me back my balance dues. Please advice what can i do to get back my claims, i also want to file a harassment suit against them, because i had to go through tremendous mental harassment, loss of money and peace of mind while communicating with them for clearance of my dues. They have also tried to malign my reputation with my current employer by making dubious comments on my character by calling my HR of my current company directly.