Fighting execution of interim order in domestic voilence case

My wife had filed case under section 12 of domestic voilence for seeking maintainance for herself and my daughter. Court rejected her maintainance as she is working and granted interim maintainance to my daughter. Earlier my wife used my daughter as a tool and not allowed her to meet me for eight nine months. She took advantage of this period and filed dv case and git interim maintainance in the daughters name. I told the court that she is not allowing me to meet my daughter. Court adviced her to let the daughter meet his father. From then she was forced to let my daughter meet me. Annoyed with this she stopped maintaining my daughter with the money i was giving to her in the court. My daughter to me for her expenses as she was told by my wife to get money from your father. I started doing expenses of my daughter directly and intimate the court by submitting bills of expenditure that wufe is pocketing money thats why i am spenfing directly on the daughter. Court considered my application and set the amount spend on my daughter provisionally and adjusted the amount in interim maintaince. Now my wife had filed execution for the interim order. I had filed an objection with the copy of bills of expenditure and other proofs. Waiting the order of court on execution. Simultaneously there is revision filed by me in the high court for setting aside the interim order of dv. My questions are. 1. Will the trial court pass the order in my favour or otherwise. 2. Can i ask the high court to pass an order for stay on execution proceedings. 3. Will high court provide me this relief. 4. Is there any way which can save me from this cruelty that i am spending directly on my daughter for her welfare and court will go otherwise and pass order to pay all the arrears without considering my expenditures. Pls suggest. Thanks